PACVD + plasma nitriding

One of the innovative processes in surface engineering is PACVD process. Procurement of new PACVD device (currently unavailable in Croatia) is to enable the production of various thin mono-, muilti-, nano- and gradient-layered coatings - such as TiN, TiCN, TiAIN, TiBN, TiB2 ... In addition, the same device enables for plasma nitriding (also new technology in Croatia) and coating to take place in a single run.

Tools and other products treated with this combination of processes can lead to improvement of properties such as: hardness, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance... consequently prolonging their durability- providing them with a completely new value added.

Advantages of using PACVD technologies

  • Two new technologies: the plasma nitriding and PACVD coating process (not in Croatia nor in the surrounding region)
  • Nitriding and coating (duplex) can carried out in a single process - continuous
  • Low temperature of the process (below 500°C)
  • No change in dimensions of the work piece
  • Eligibility for massive objects complicated forms and with complicated geometry
  • No emissions of harmful substances
  • Low cost of the treatment
  • The effect of self-cleaning surfaces
  • High reliability (repeatability) of the process

Implementation of the new PACVD device improves

  • Education
  • Scientific research
  • Collaboration with industry and increased competitiveness of domestic manufacturers in the market.

Examples of the application: