The primary objective of the ARISE project is to develop technical infrastructure in the area of surface engineering for research and application of advanced surface layers using new technology (PACVD), which would enable research activities towards improving the properties and the durability of tools and design parts. To achieve this, primarily is to acquire the equipment for production of surface layers (PACVD device).

Therefore, Laboratory for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering will be equipped in order to introduce and promote new technology into production of tools and design parts in the Republic of Croatia, and to transfer knowledge and know-how into Croatian industry. Currently in Croatia there is no surface engineering technology for coating of tools and design parts with advance surface layers. Due to the lack of resources (mostly adequate equipment) which would enable to systematically deal with surface engineering in the Republic of Croatia; it is not possible to conduct systematic research and to solve real problems in industrial practice, and necessary surface layers cannot be produced, so these activities have so far been carried out in neighbouring countries (Slovenia, Austria). It has been estimated that in the last several years Croatian companies were spending about 130,000 € annually on coating services. By developing the essential research infrastructure, R&D capacities in the field of surface engineering will be improved, and science-industry collaboration will be enhanced, thus enabling researchers and the industry to interact more effectively and better serve the needs of economy.

By applying the surface engineering procedures the durability of products can be increased several times. The idea of ARISE project is implementation of two new surface layers in production of tools and design parts.